Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prithvi Fan

hi rajat,

this is to say i really laughed my head off and enjoyed the clown prince.

i think the queen fat lady busso, the uncle king, and   soso hamlet were  particularly strong performances.

the kings' death- throes- item number was hilarious'. i loved it.

hamlet was remarkable. (i was shy or i'd have kissed atul for it. ) in spite of the buffoonery he keeps a taut tension consistently . he glides so smoothly through just slightly different registers and then suddenly "whats your problem man" sort of merging with or into the 'real' so that the performance blurs into a psychological state that suddenly is so familiar and 'mine'. i don't know if i can say it so well in a quick mail.

and then in the clowning and bawdiness etc the little black pearl of a sort of sadness.

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